eleventh of June 2015

It's been a while, obviously.
After several years of indecision my decision on the EU in or out debate is made, it was a combination of the scandalous treatment of Greece and an article by Bob Crow what done it. We need to get out and fight for a better life by ourselves, they've done little for us and are now far too obviously engaged on a neoliberal agenda which offers us nothing but misery. Arschlöche.

twenty first of May 2013

Back to work, bloody marvellous. In case anyone's interested, which I sincerely doubt, it's not much fun.
But then that's why they pay me and not andersrum.
A bit more lucid dreaming practice tonight, trying DILD for a change..
I've been playing around with different html5 layouts, but really it's all far too much, time to realise that deep down I've always hated web design. Let's keep it simple.

twentieth of May 2013

Heute habe ich mich einen Tag frei genommen, weil es ein Bierfest in der Stadt gibt.
Kaffee trinken, Käse essen
Beer festival was OK, came home to some series about the Singularity, which seems to have somewhat misunderstood quite how game changing it would be. Teenage hackers can always sort it out, unless they're getting nicked by the FBI of course...

nineteenth of May 2013

Today's plan is to walk into Cambridge city centre, maybe have a pint or two, then this evening a delightful trip to Welwyn Garden City for a 21st birthday meal for Beccy's Stepsister.
How the other half live.
EDIT: Home alive, and it wasn't that bad, they're probably all as surprised as I am..